Arctic and North Atlantic Administration

38 Union Street


Lincolnshire NG31 6 NZ

Website Owner: Geoffrey Wildman


Telephone: 01476 563747


           Grantham Institute on Climate Change

Arctic Council Secretariat Postboks 6606 Langnes 9296 Tromso Norway. Email:

Kristina Bar Head of Communication. Phone: +47 91 12 03 70. Email: kristina@

Icelandic Meteorological Office Bústaðavegi 7-9

105 Reykjavik Telephone: 522 6000

There is an online enquiry form.

Norwegian Meteorological Institute Postboks 43

Blindem 0371 Oslo Telephone: +47 22 96 30 00


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

1401 Constitutional Avenue NW Room 5128

Washington DC 20230

Grantham is a small market town in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire. It is about 23 miles south of Lincoln and 22 miles east of Nottingham on the main East Coast railway line. It is noted for the schooling of Sir Isaac Newton and was the birthplace of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Sir Isaac Newton’s school on Church Street Grantham

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